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We were recently informed that two politicians from the Czech “National Democracy” party, Adam B. Bartoš, the party chairman, and Ladislav Zemánek, former vice-chairman who now heads the party’s external affairs, have been sentenced sentenced to one year’s imprisonment in the form of two years probation. Their supposed crime? “Defaming Jews and inciting racial hatred.” It is clear that this sham charge was used as a pretext to crush the opposition to the prevailing Zionist and Atlanticist system, as “National Democracy” stands against NATO, the EU, Zionism, American imperialism, globalism, and for the preservation of national heritage and a multipolar world.

Moreover, it is important to note that Ladislav Zemánek was part of the international delegation monitoring the November 2014 elections in the Donetsk People’s Republic, affirming their sovereignty in the face of Western lies. For this action, he has since been “blacklisted” by the Kiev puppet regime. This attack on Zemánek reveals that Zionism and Atlanticism are intimately linked issues, and that an enemy of Zionism is necessarily an enemy of Atlanticism.

In addition to his work in support of the resistance of Novorossiya, Zemánek has also been vocal in his support of the Serbian people in the face of NATO terror, and the Assad regime’s fight against American and Zionist backed terror.

On the other hand, Bartoš has been focused on addressing the problem of Zionism, both abroad and at home, and has written several books on the subject. The repression against him indicates that he has been absolutely correct regarding the pernicious influence of this toxic ideology. From the brutal genocide of the Palestinians to the arbitrary repressions exacted by Zionists through their puppet governments worldwide, the true face of Zionism has been exposed.

The persecution of these brave men exposes the sham of democracy within the Zionist, Atlanticist, plutocratic system. There is no freedom for the people to express their will in a world controlled by liberal oligarchs, their traitor politicians in office, and their lying press, all of which are loyal to Wall Street and Tel Aviv. In the face of such a system, it is necessary to redouble the calls to resistance from every corner of the earth.

We strongly encourage people to contribute towards the legal defence of Czech patriots, this link provides some information in Czech: http://narodnidemokracie.cz/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/FONS_email.jpg

You will find the original bulletin on the Zionist persecution below:

Political trial in the Czech Republic

In March 2016, two Czech politicians were sentenced to 12 months imprisonment in the form of two years probation. According to the court, they are guilty of defaming Jews and inciting racial hatred. However, it is obvious that these accusations are just a pretext for persecuting unwanted opposition.

The two men are representatives of the Czech national-conservative party “National Democracy”, Adam B. Bartoš, the party chairman, and Ladislav Zemánek, former vice-chairman who is nowadays in charge of party´s external affairs. “National Democracy” was founded in January 2014 with the aim of leaving the European Union and NATO, and to defend traditional Christian values, national identity, and interests. They fight against Zionism, American imperialism, globalization, and the dictate of global plutocracy. “National Democracy” supports the concept of a multipolar world and the preservation of cultural distinctiveness, so they oppose the contemporary liberal-democratic system very strongly.

Bartoš and Zemánek denounced Maidan and the coup in Ukraine, being the first amongst Czech politicians to express their support for the Donetsk and Lugansk People´s Republics. In November 2014, Zemánek took part in an international observation mission in DPR during local elections and, subsequently, was placed on the sanctions “black list” of the new Ukrainian regime, and designated a person who represents a threat to national security and supports “terrorists”.

Zemánek´s statements have appeared in Serbian and Syrian media, as he is involved in the fight for the rights of these two states, which have suffered from global plutocracy´s policies. In contrast, Bartoš is very interested in the problem of Zionism and has written several books about Zionism’s influence on Czech society. Since last summer, National Democrats have organized a lot of actions against the migration influx in Europe; they helped form a civic militia to defend Czech territory, as the state is not ready to defend it for both political and capacity reasons. In view of the fact that the party has strengthened despite the medial blockade, it is more than obvious that the liberal establishment have had to start persecuting them.

What happened?

On 31st of March 2015, Bartoš and Zemánek declared “the Jewish question has not yet been solved in a satisfactory way.” On that day, the Czechs commemorate the brutal murder of Christian girl committed in Polná in 1899 by Jew Leopold Hilsner, which was decided in two different trials. The National Democrats´ statement became the subject of attacks from the liberal camp, which was followed by a police investigation. A liberal politician from the Brno local government, who denounced Bartoš and Zemánek, publicly stated that they had urged the holocaust and physical extermination of Jews equating the term “Jewish question” with the Nazi’s “Final Solution”. It is evident that it is a deliberate misinterpretation of the opposition politicians´ words, as they explained clearly that the term “Jewish question” had been used before the German National Socialist movement appeared by both non-Jewish and Jewish people, and that the term only describes the problem of relations between Jews and non-Jews including modern Zionism, the Israel-Palestinian conflict, and so on. It follows that their statement is correct and acceptable.

There are some suspicious facts in the case: whilst the statement was declared in March 2015 and the police accused them in November, an official police announcement was made several days before Christmas. A prosecutor then brought charges against Bartoš and Zemánek on 8th of March 2016, and the court subsequently sentenced them to one year´s imprisonment with two years probation, which the Czech press reported on the 16th of the same month. There was no court session, and moreover, the quickness of proceedings is surprising. It seems the establishment decided to punish unwanted opposition politicians, making their political activities impossible for the next two years (when parliamentary elections will be held), and at the same time eliminate them quietly without any useless publicity. The chosen decision is the most convenient one for the liberal regime.

Nevertheless, both politicians declared that they would demand a regular and legitimate public trial in order to highlight that they are the victims of those who urge the destructive liberal, multicultural, neo-Marxist ideology on a global scale. Czech National Democrats have demonstrated they are a threat to hostile forces, and therefore they must be eliminated. A political trial has just started in the Czech Republic that should be observed by patriots from all of Europe.

To be continued…

Radola Rys