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Québec is still a nation dominated by Anglo-Canadian imperialism for over 250 years. This domination endures despite the will of the Québécois people to free themselves from this cruel yoke. To complete our struggle of national and social liberation we need a clear and exact alternative. It is not the Parti Québécois nor Bloc Québécois, fervent adepts of free market economic liberalism and NATO, who can realize the independence of Québec. National Communism precisely represents the doctrine that is necessary to give a second wind to the Québécois independence movement.

During the last provincial election, April 7th 2014, the Parti Libéral du Québec lead by Philippe Couillard took back power from the hands of Parti Québécois. The PLQ symbolizes the servitude of Québec to the Anglo-Canadian yoke and has defended the interests of employers and high finance for a long time. Without taking account of its acquaintances with the powerful Zionist lobby that it has firmly supported for decades. We do not forget the controversial and roundly decried decision of the Charest government to 100 % subsidize private Jewish schools, which very often do not respect the program of the minister of education, in 2005. He had to retreat before the popular discontent that this scandalous decision had caused. It must be said that many of the donors to the PLQ are of the Jewish confession as luck would have it! Le Parti Québécois for its part has shown its credentials to the masters of high finance and often sidelined the struggle for independence in the name of “political realism” and the balancing of public finances. As for the left wing party Québec Solidaire, it is infested with Trotskyites and advocates multicultural politics in the image of the Parti de gauche of Jean-Luc Mélenchon in France.

National Communism as an ideology advocates a fusion between patriotism and socialism in a perspective of national and social liberation. We firmly reject the system of capitalist exploitation that concentrates the wealth produced by the working class in the hands of a countryless and plutocratic elite always greedier for exorbitant profits. The Québécois National Communists are favorable to the thesis of socialism in one country advanced by Joseph Stalin. It is necessary to construct a socialist system adapted to the characteristics of each nation.

The nationalization of the predominant and strategic sectors of the economy, like banks and other financial institutions, natural resources, big businesses, as the first step, is a vital necessity in order to prevent private interests from acquiring too much power over our political life. We participate in the struggle of the working class and other oppressed sectors of society against the increasingly brutal attacks of capital against our social benefits and democratic rights.

We situate ourselves in the ideological line of the leaders and theorists of National Bolshevism like Jean Thiriart, Ernst Niekisch, Alexander Dugin, Edouard Limonov. We also recognize communist leaders like Stalin, Mao, Enver Hoxha, Ho Chi Minh, Che Guevara, Kim Il Sung, and many others who have theorized about and lead the fight of the workers and popular masses against capitalism and imperialism.

The Québécois National Communists recognize the socialist camp that was constituted by the USSR and the countries of Eastern Europe, represented an advance of the working class despite its faults and the serious errors committed by its leaders. The systems of social protection that existed in the socialist countries procured numerous advantages for the working class like free health care and education, inexpensive housing, accessible and affordable childcare, job security, etc. These regimes also encouraged patriotic pride and developed the national culture, for example like Stalin notably did in the course of the Second World War.

These regimes constituted a counterweight to imperialism and their fall once again freed the hands of capital for an anti-worker and anti-socialist offensive. The defense of socialist Cuba and North Korea as well as the Bolivarian Revolution lead by the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and continued by President Nicolas Maduro against the attacks and constant harassment of American imperialism is a fundamental task today for any anti-capitalist militant worthy of the name. The Québécois National Communists are allied with all the other political forces, patriotic and socialist, who share a similar fight against countryless and neoliberal globalism.

Québec is a Francophone country and should remain so and we must be proud of our roots and origins so that they do not disappear under the Anglo-Saxon steam roller widely favored by ultraliberal globalization. We have nothing against other nations and cultures but we demand respect for what we are as a people bearing a particular and original culture. The Québécois National Communists are vigorously opposed to the national masochism that praises foreign cultures and considers national and patriotic pride as tantamount to fascism, even Nazism, at the same time! There is nothing progressive about advocating the erasure of cultures and peoples to the benefit of big capital!

Mass immigration is a threat for a small nations like ours and constitutes one of the most redoubtable weapons of capital. For example, the desire of the liberal government of Jean Charest to raise the immigration threshold to 55,000 people per year in 2008, for a nation that now counts 8 million inhabitants is completely irresponsible. That does not mean to reject immigration or immigrants outright nor above all to stigmatize or demonize them, but it is very certain that we cannot welcome mass immigration without engendering a panoply of social problems (unemployment, unreasonable housing demands, the creation of ethnic ghettos, social tensions like in the Montréal-Nord neighborhood in August 2008, etc).

We are the heirs of Nouvelle-France and from this title we can claim European culture, which does not exclude international solidarity with the struggles of workers and different oppressed peoples in the world. For example we give our support to national liberation struggles like those of the Palestinian people against the colonialist Zionist state, those of the Abkhazians and South Ossetians against the Georgian regime, or the rebels of Donbass against the Ukrainian oligarchy.

Capitalism is an exploitative and countryless system that has no respect for national languages and cultures and which represents a fundamental obstacle to their flourishing. It contributes greatly to the phenomenon of the Anglicization of the world by making English the language of business and the labor market to the detriment of workers everywhere in the world who want to defend their right to work in their respective national language.

In Québec we are always faced with the desire to assimilate us and make us disappear in the Anglo-Saxon swamp largely predominant in North America. It is necessary to reinforce Law 101 that has been so watered down for more than 8 years by the combined action of the Supreme Court of Canada and certain Québécois governments. Capitalism equally desires to constantly lower our working conditions and degrade our standard of living in a perspective of downwards social standardization.

If you agree with this text do not hesitate to join us. In short we combat the neoliberal policies of privatization and the dismantlement of social programs as well as the dictatorship of multinationals thirsting for profit, we fight for the defense of the language and French culture in Québec. Our national and social liberation combat cannot wait long. We need a structured organization filled with militants of good will who are committed to the independence of our country, the safeguarding of our language and culture, as well as the relentless and tireless struggle against the system of capitalist exploitation and the establishment of a society based on National Communism.

Forward towards a socialist Québec freed from the yoke of capital!

Source: http://nazbolquebec.blogspot.ca/2014/08/manifeste-national-communiste-quebecois.html