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Thiriart participated in a press conference that included, besides Dugin, colonel Viktor Alksnis and Michel Schneider. A hundred people were present to hear Thiriart.

In a very large setting, he had the occasion to run through the majority of subjects familiar to him, notably his point of view on the recent evolution of Russia:


What has been happening in Russia for two years is insane.

It was necessary to liberalize the economy, step by step starting from the bottom up and devoting 2 to 3 years per step.

Instead of that, the worst adventurers of international finance were admitted to Moscow. The product of three generations of Soviet work was put on the auction block.

The sharks of Wall Street began to take an excessive interest in the economy of the ex-USSR. It shouldn’t have weakened its political core, consenting to the separation of its peoples, even if Lenin, in his political illiteracy (an inheritance from the birth of Marxism in 1848), conceded (very hypocritically and imprudently) the “right of self-determination.”

The political and military partition of the USSR is and will always remain an unpardonable historical error. A fatal and irreversible event.

Centrifugal force destroyed in five years what centripetal forces had created in four or five centuries. Firstly, it would have been better to fill up the stores with sausages and bread, favoring the creation of a million small enterprises (with between one and fifty employees). Simultaneously, it was necessary to reinforce political repression AGAINST all these “combatants” for separatism, independence, and autonomy.

An another example of the suicidal tendencies of the new Russian leadership is their “trips” to Washington instead of accepting economic aid from Western Europe. From the historical and geopolitical point of view, the United States is the particular enemy of the USSR. The historical strategy of the United States is to divide Europe and partition the USSR.

For four centuries, England has lead the same policy against the kings of Spain, against France and Germany.

Today England has left its place to the United States. But until recently, it indefatigably aimed to destroy the principal continental force capable of uniting the European continent into a federation…