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American imperialism has been one of the greatest enemies of humanity for at least a century. It is the principal vector of ultraliberal globalization on the planetary scale that leads to the pillaging of resources from Third World countries by multinationals as well as the extreme exploitation that is inflicted on their working class in sweatshops. In close and firm alliance with international Zionism, American imperialism seeks to mercilessly subjugate the peoples who fight for their national independence and progressively destroy nations and cultures for the benefit of a world standardized and dominated by Anglo-Saxon civilization.

More recently this year the 11th anniversary of the September 11th attacks took place. Of course it was a tragedy that cost around 3,000 people their lives, without counting the wounded and we must sympathize with their fate. That said, the cortege of lamentations in the media in the service of the globalist oligarchy that followed these attacks is perfectly revolting and hypocritical. The official version of these events in far from being convincing and credible and can only sow doubt in our minds. It is quite legitimate to ask who profited from this crime. But as soon as people question the official version of the September 11th attacks, the fatherlandless and globalist defenders of the capitalist system raise their voices in a chorus to treat us as conspiracy theorists, anti-Semites, paranoiac minds, etc. Their will to intimidate is more than evident, as we risk sowing doubts in the population and thus undermining the immense and disproportionate power they exercise on people’s consciousnesses.

These moralizing spirits, who continually dwell on the same refrain of Islamist terrorism, become silent however before the acts of state terrorism perpetrated by the Western powers for over a century. The list is very long and we can start with the intensive Anglo-American bombings of Germany during the Second World War, which notably lead to the destruction of the city of Dresden. Hundreds of thousands of German civilians died for the goal of provoking the German government’s total capitulation. But of these were “collateral” victims and the Germans were on the “bad side” during this global conflict and represented “the supreme evil,” they deserved their fate! The German people were literally brought to their knees for the real or supposed crimes that the National Socialist regime was accused of, while the American, British, and Soviet allies perpetrated a panoply of crimes and had hands covered in blood. There was also the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, Suharto’s coup in Indonesia in 1965 and Pinochet’s coup in Chile in 1973, both financed and orchestrated by the CIA, the Vietnam War, the invasion of Panama in 1989 which caused the death of more than 3,000 people, etc. Closer to our time, there are the Israeli bombardments of the Palestinian territories and Lebanon, the invasion of Afghanistan, of Iraq, and of Libya last year. All these wars and imperialist attacks have caused a death toll infinitely higher than the September 11th attacks without exciting the indignation of the media controlled by the globalist oligarchy. Always the same double standard! The lives of American and Israeli civilians have more value than the lives of the inhabitants of countries whose leaders somehow oppose the hegemony of the American-Zionist empire, whether its the Palestinians, the Iraqis, the Libyans, the Syrians, etc.

Following the destruction of the World Trade Center towers, the Zionist American ruling elite played the sympathy card among global public opinion and used it to stir bellicose and militarist fever to the maximum in order to unleash war against Afghanistan, allegedly in order to flush out Osama Bin Laden and overturn the Taliban regime in the name of the “liberation of women.” Many American patriots instantly recognized the influence of the pro-Israel lobby in this push for war. There has been, and there still is, a real desire on the part of the neo-conservatives in the Bush administration, and now in the Obama administration, to reinforce the position of the Zionist state in the Middle East to the detriment of the Arab, Iranian, and other regimes who want to retain their national independence against the American-Zionist empire. The convergence of views between American imperialism and international Zionism has reached an extreme point and it alarms American patriots who wish that their government devoted itself to domestic problems rather than play planetary gendarme.

Immediately after the war in Afghanistan, the Zionist neo-conservatives launched the assault against the Ba’athist and socialist Iraq of Saddam Hussein under false pretexts which would precipitate this country into the greatest chaos and atrocious civil war. They even concluded alliances with the Islamists they pretended to combat! Saddam Hussein, despite all that one could criticize him for, was a secular, patriotic, and socialist leader and his government included women and Christians. The opposition movement to this war was extremely large with millions of people in the streets, including a demonstration of 200,000 people in the streets of Montréal in March 2003, one of the largest political demonstrations in the history of Québec and Canada! That but didn’t prevent the destruction of Iraqi sovereignty and the shameful pillage of this country’s natural resources by the globalist oligarchy. The war in Libya was conducted under the pretext of overthrowing a dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, and lead once again to chaos and the pillage of the natural resources that abounded in this country.

Yet there exist glimmers of hope which are far from negligible. Socialist Cuba still proudly resists the American desire to overthrow its government in order to restore the reign of exploiters and bandits and the Venezuela of Nicolas Maduro represents a thorn in the foot of the United States which has always considered Latin America as its hunting preserve. At this moment the Ba’athist and socialist Syria of Bashar Al-Assad has been at the center of current events for a year due to the civil war encouraged and supported by NATO with the goal of overthrowing his government and replacing it with a clique entirely devoted to and subject to American-Israeli hegemony in the Middle East. The existence of the Québec independence movement disturbs American imperialism, which sees it as a factor of destabilization in North America. In the 1970s, the Yankee oligarchy brandished the specter of a Cuba of the North if Québec separated. That’s what explains the constant desire of the Parti Québécois to reassure American investors about the consequences of Québec’s independence, but this concern is far from shared by all Québécois patriots, who instead see American imperialism as an adversary in their struggle for national and social emancipation. In short, there are many resistances facing the attacks and imperialist diktats of the New World Order and social nationalists have the duty to support them with the goal of promoting the fall of the globalized and countryless capitalism. This is how we can construct a political, economic, and social system based on social nationalism, the only alternative to globalist chaos and the progressive destruction of nations and national identities.