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My dear “Chavist” compatriots,

With my historical experience as an internationalist combatant, I would like to express from France my revolutionary solidarity and my Bolivarian support to president Nicolás Maduro Moros.

Putsches and coups d’Etat, our country has known many, some wholly justified. But we’ve retained the bad habit of calling for uprisings when things aren’t going well or very well. And the enemy does everything it can to make things worse.

That’s why I want to alert you, so that you will not fall into the trap.

The North American imperialist sector is trying to provoke a civil war so that Venezuelans spill the blood of their brothers. It wouldn’t be a battle between right and left, between evil and good, between military and civilians, between oligarchs and the famished, between the Church and the Chavists, between idealists and pragmatists, or between the corrupt and the supposedly angelic.

I speak to you as a veteran fedayeen, and I’ve broken all the records for foreign operations for Palestine, by risking my life everyday. These last 25 years, I’ve spent them in prison (to this day), including ten years in complete isolation, always faithful to our Palestinian cause. The enemy speculates about division in our camp in order to weaken us, because it needs a starved, disorganized, and corrupt country.

After six years of horrors provoked by Israel, Saudi Arabia, and its bosses in NATO, Syria (terribly destroyed) has begun to rediscover peace, the people undertake the reconstruction of the country, and families reunite. Syria owes that to its patriot president, who remained solid in the turmoil, generous to the defeated, with those who weren’t imperialist agents; it also owes it to the intervention of Pope Francis when he prevented a North American invasion in 2013; and to the courageous presence of the Russians (for more than 60 years). The mercenaries and manipulated fanatics failed to win.

I do not want my country to sink into civil war and play the game of a third country that has proclaimed its objective from the first day: the overthrow of president Nicolás Maduro Moros, legitimate heir of our martyr president Hugo Chávez Frías.

Understand it, you the people and army of Venezuela: as in the era of the Libertador, there is only one tyrant, the foreigner who wants to keep us in misery and barbarism, in order to seize our country and the soul of its inhabitants.

As in the time of Simón Bolívar, we must be the light for all of America, the torch of national reconciliation, on the basis of legality. Our era no longer requires local military chiefs who cannot see the horizon, nor gunslingers, nor challenges of bravado. Dialogue, concessions, generosity, that’s the watchword: all the anti-imperialist forces of the world are with us, we can offer ourselves the luxury of extending a hand even to those who would like to strike us angrily: the relation of international powers is no longer that which reigned in the era of Operation Condor and the overthrow of President Allende.

If our Venezuela falls into the merciless logic of Cain, it will plunge all of America into anarchy, and who will profit from it, the vultures that covet our riches and the riches of the entire continent: the imperialist gringos and their Zionist agents, as well as NATO. United we will triumph!

Long live Venezuela, wise, valorous, and astute!

Source: http://plumenclume.org/blog/428-message-a-mon-peuple-du-venezuela-le-23-janvier-2019