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We Are:

Nationalist: We stand for the right of the people to live by their own ways, culturally, linguistically, religiously, economically, among their own kind.

Socialist: We stand for putting the economy in the hands of the people. This does not mean we want to take the home of the average man or the family farm, rather it means that the workers of an enterprise control it, from the single family business to the largest factories. It means that the vital industries of the nation are not subject to the dictates of international corporations.

Revolutionary: We stand for direct action against the system, rather than working inside of it. We know that it is a rigged game and it has nothing to offer us.

Continentalist: We believe that the greatest opportunity for national liberation comes from the cooperation of nations on a continental scale, which provides them with a large enough space to command the resources necessary for true economic, military, and cultural autonomy. We are for Pan-Arabism, Eurasianism, Pan-Africanism, and Bolivarianism.

Anti-Colonialist: Colonialism represents the capitalistic exploitation of another nation. It harms the working people of the colonial nation as well, who are recruited as cannon fodder for the imperial ambitions of the capitalist class or forced to compete with colonial slave labor. We stand for all national liberation across the globe.

Anti-Zionist: Zionism represents the most pernicious form of colonialism in the world today. We demand total liberation of Palestine.

A United Front: We are for a united front of all socialist and nationalist forces against the system to achieve national liberation, we reject the power games of the elite to play the so-called “left” and “right” against each other.

Allies: We stand in solidarity with all national liberation causes across the globe. No petty squabbles or prejudices will prevent us from extending our fullest support to those who share our fundamental struggle.

Open Minded: We do not bind ourselves to the dogmas of any particular form of nationalism or socialism. Rather we seek to combine influences from the grand history of such movements to forge our own path, we are not followers, rather we draw inspiration from our heroes to find our own unique voice, fit for its proper place and time.

We Are Not:

An Organization of the “Extreme Right”: Nationalism is beyond right and left. We reject the siren calls of the inherently globalist capitalist class to rally nationalists against socialists fighting the capitalist system.

An Organization of the “Extreme Left”: Socialism is beyond right and left. We reject the siren calls of the capitalist class to rally socialists against nationalists struggling to free the nation from the bonds of capitalist globalism.

Chauvinists: We reject unequivocally the false nationalism that defines itself in opposition to another people. These fights between nationalists only serve the cause of international liberalism that seeks to malign the cause of national freedom and break the cooperation of peoples against it. Furthermore, we reject the “clash of civilizations,” we do not believe there exists a fundamental existential struggle between great civilizations that would require the victory of one over the others. We support every civilization within its historical space.