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Reaction is one of our most dangerous enemies. We can define it as “attempting to rekindle past conflicts at the expense of damaging our cause in the present conflict.” It can take many forms, on an international scale, within a country, within a political parties on the left or right. Reaction hurts our movement, by emphasizing past conflicts between the right and left, thereby preventing the formation of a higher synthesis. Moreover, reaction contributes to petty national clashes, which also harms the creation of necessary continental blocs.

Let us first discuss reaction as it exists on an international level. In this form of reaction, a nation defines itself against another nation. This is a false sense of nationalism, as it is not about the nation as it exists autonomously, but only defines the nation in relation to its enemy. It reduces the nation to the negative image of another nation. If the enemy were ever to be obliterated, the nation would lose any sense of meaning. Of course, it is understandable that countries would hold grudges over historical conflicts. The feelings of resentment over losing friends and family in a foreign invasion are not easily brushed aside. That is position of petty nationalists today, who rage over events that happened decades, or even centuries ago, or bicker over the slightest pieces of territory with their neighbors. It is quite understandable that one would be gripped by a passion over the blood shed and the lands lost by one’s forefathers. Unfortunately, this passion clouds judgment. However, passions are easily manipulated. Is the future of a nation worth sacrificing to settle a score that is centuries old? They would align with foreign wolves who seek only to profit from conflict, who will drain their nation dry in order to keep the flames of hatred burning. Eventually, this foreign benefactor will become a colonial occupier if left unchecked. Just look how the EU and NATO exploited the old divisions the arose when the Eastern Bloc collapsed. Nations would indebt themselves to the likes of the IMF to pursue old grudges. When the dust settled they found themselves worse off than before, their nations stripped bare by the foreign looters and their compradors. Today America encourages hatred and reopens sore old wounds to keep nations that should be brothers at each others throats. The ultimate aim is to profit off this disunity, to turn these nations into debt slave colonies, paying for the so-called aid required to rebuild from these wars. America, and its Atlanticist organs such as the EU, NATO, IMF, stir conflict to prevent the unity of nations against their dominance. If nations worked together to throw off the hegemony of Atlanticism, they’d be powerless to stop it. If Europe formed a common front from Reykjavik to Vladivostok, as Thiriart recommended, it would count millions of people, containing the resources to furnish an autonomous military. The same holds for the Arab lands and Africa. Instead, the people point their guns at each other, and demand more cash from Uncle Sam to keep the fight going. Chaos and destruction worldwide, on every continent, is cheered from the halls of Washington, as globalist financiers figure out how to profit from it. It is necessary to turn from ancient battles to the task at hand, to turn from attacking one’s own neighbors to attacking the common enemy. Continental unity, friendship of nations, and a common cause of liberation shall be the new rallying calls that lead to the unity of great continental civilizations that reject the despotism of American unipolar values.

However, before we can speak of continental unity, we must speak of unity within the nation. On the national scene, the reactionaries spread disunity between the people. Left and right are fixed and unsurpassable categories according to them, and the man sitting across the aisle is not a brother in the nation but an enemy to be wiped out. On the right, they will come to the aid of big businesses and international financiers when the working people rise up in strikes to reclaim the economy for themselves, when the moneyed classes raise the specter of “communist revolt.” They will crush their own countrymen, with whom they share far more with than the man of the economic 1% who can fly off to any country he so chooses and hide his money in tax havens, to fight the bogeyman of Marx. These “Fascists” become the gendarmes of capital, further chaining their nation to the international market system. This is the case we see with the retrograde Neo-Nazis in Ukraine who battle their own countrymen in the service of a parliament of the same old oligarchs quickly selling off the nation to the IMF and the EU. On the left of course, a similar situation holds where the system can raise the specter of “fascism” and deploy their willing attack dogs against nationalists, when they present a threat to their elite. This “anti-Fascism” serves the capitalists as well as “Fascism” serves it in the opposite case. This is seen among most leftist, even so-called “Communist” parties in the West who will fight for open borders and the mass importation of scab labor against the protests of patriotic working people who they demonize as “Fascists.” Thus is created a “strategy of tension” where radicals from both ends of the spectrum end up fighting each other instead of uniting. This is aided by outmoded phraseology of the political parties, some of whom may actually be fighting against the real enemy of today, the globalist capitalist class, but who still resort to terminology from World War 2 to describe their enemies as “Communists” or “Fascists.” Ultimately, the leftist who wants to put the economy back into the hands of the people, and the nationalist who wants to restore the sovereignty of the nation are engaged in the same struggle. The vast majority of the nation must be united as a common front, against the class of big money, which knows no loyalty to anything other than profit. The capitalist elite is both exploitative of the worker and treasonous to the nation. The nation lives in the common people, who are tied to the soil, not the jet set. Instead of fighting phantoms from the past the left and the right must unite to fight the true parasite of the working man and the country. Of course, we must also break the reactionary alliances that exist to preserve the system, “the blue-brown Fascists,” who defend capitalism from any proletarian agitation, and the “capitalist left”, who advocate a society of consumerist permissiveness and the elimination of national borders preventing the flow of labor and capital.

Ultimately, the hydra of reaction will only be killed by the emergence of a unified front in the nation, and among the nations on continental scale. It is necessary to abandon all outmoded slogans and focus on the real enemy, the capitalist controlled organs of American, Atlanticist, Zionist political hegemony. The social cause is the national cause. Patriotism burns in the heart of the working people, lacking the capitalist’s money to jet around the world they can know no other fatherland, and when the market had stripped them of everything, the only thing they have left is the fatherland. It is this burning love for his country and his common countrymen, that will ignite the fires of liberation.