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It shall be a competition between Satan and the devil, and only Hell shall be the winner” – Leonel Brizola

The real Jair Bolsonaro

The dramatic Brazilian elections of 2018 have finally reached their closure: the predictable victory of Jair Bolsonaro, who won the majority vote, defeating his petista (Worker’s Party/PT) adversary on the second round. Millions of Brazilians, including a reasonable part of the working class, bestowed the Fatherland’s fate upon the ex-captain, in a clear rejection of the Worker’s Party legacy stemming from almost a decade and a half of rule.

Today, the petista legacy is felt as mostly negative by the people. It’s even possible to claim that “anti-petismo”, the opposition to the Worker’s Party, is now the major political feeling amongst the masses in Brazil. There are of course exaggerations. There’s been PSYOP and manipulation conducted by the US intelligence. There’s a whole anti-petista mythology concocted by the neocon philosopher Olavo de Carvalho behind much of these feelings. All of this is true, but there are also undeniable palpable truths that motivate such rejection to the Worker’s Party: the feeling of insecurity has never been bigger as crime rates keep rising and people feel the omnipresence of corruption; the petista economic project based on commodity exports failed and thus collapsed the economy, leading to millions of unemployed workers and countless bankruptcies as a result of that.

That’s why Bolsonaro will be the next president of Brazil.

But appearances can frequently be deceiving: let us not mistake the elected Bolsonaro of today with the Bolsonaro of two decades ago – that basically patriotic officer of old who used to defend that the neoliberal former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso should be shot by a firing squad for treason – and let us also not mistake the current electoral Worker’s Party, with that popular party of old, organized around unions and the Catholic Church, that emerged decades ago as an alternative to “shock and awe” neoliberalism.

No, Bolsonaro isn’t a patriot and he isn’t a nationalist. The Worker’s Party and the progressive left on the other hand are no alternative and don’t possess neither the moral credibility nor the popular energy to be a real opposition to Bolsonaro.

Why do we proclaim Bolsonaro is no real patriot? It’s very simple: Bolsonaro declared that the Amazonian Forest isn’t ours, that Brazil shouldn’t have its own nuclear program and saluted the US flag. He voted for the PEC 55 Austerity Bill which limits social spending for the next twenty years, thereby closing the possibility for any future public investments.

Paulo Guedes, his Treasury Minister to be, declared that the pension reform will be the “first big item” of the economic model that he and Bolsonaro want to put into practice. Michel Temer, the very impopular current president, has already announced that he’ll give Bolsonaro support so that he manages to get such reform approved. We already know how this antipopulist reform model works. It’s useless to give pro-family speeches and at the same time defend a pension reform that’ll leave our elders destitute. Guedes, in his turn, is the founding banker of BTG Pactual, the investment bank that manages all of George Soros’ investments in Brazil. His technocratic economic team is full of bankers who work for, or have worked for, the major international banks connected with the Rothschild and other international elitist parasite families.

Besides being against the Brazilian nuclear bomb, the major instrumental guarantee of national sovereignty, Bolsonaro is an Atlanticist globalist. Faithful to his Atlanticist stance, he’s already promised unrestricted support for Israel and has also promised to close down the Palestinian Embassy and to transfer the Brazilian Embassy to Jerusalem. His Vice President, general Hamilton Mourão, has already promised Brazilian support for any American military intervention against our neighbour Venezuela. Bolsonaro opposes Bashar al-Assad and has already signaled that he intends to classify Hizbollah as a terrorist organization.

In Bolsonaro’s Government Plan, on page 32, he proposes to “exclude from the Constitution any restriction on private property rights, such as, for example, the 81 Amendment restrictions”.

What precisely is the 81th Constitutional Amendment, which Bolsonaro wishes to repel? It’s the Amendment that modified Article 243 of the Constitution, thus asserting that “[r]ural and urban properties on any region of the country where illegal psychotropic plantations or slave labor exploitation are found according to law will be expropriated and dedicated to land reform and popular housing programs, without reparations to the owner and irrespective of other sanctions according to law, observing, when suitable, the article 5”.

In other words, in defense of “private property”, Bolsonaro will make much easier the lives of great criminal landowners who exploit slave labour and the lives of those connected to the illegal drug trade.

In 2003, Bolsonaro lauded the death squads operating in the state of Bahia. In 2007, his son, Flavio Bolsonaro, presented a legislative project to legalize the so-called (paramilitary) militias in Rio de Janeiro.

This is the reason why the Abrahão David crime family, connected to the Russian and Israeli mobs and to illegal gambling, offered their support to Bolsonaro in Rio de Janeiro state. The aforementioned Flavio Bolsonaro campaigned together with these thugs and took part on a march in Nilopolis together with Farid Abrahão David, brother to the mobster Aniz Abrahão David, and Simão Sessin, their cousin.

Such are the connections behind Bolsonaro’s support for legalizing casinos and gambling. It must be said: the current militias and death squads are arms of organized crime and part of a mafia project to organize criminal operations, so as to “pacify” neighbourhoods so that drug dealing can operate on a more “civilized” way.

It is indeed useless to be so vocal about “law and order” without fighting against the real criminal barons, the very high echelon of crookedness and banditry. But such crime lords stand for Bolsonaro – in the same manner, they also align with the banksters and globalist and finance underworld representatives, such as Paulo Guedes himself (Bolsonaro’s right hand man).

There are many other examples and we shall dedicate ourselves to unmasking the “Myth”, as Bolsonaro’s fans call him – this false idol with feet of clay.

The Death of the Worker’s Party

What to say about the Worker’s Party (PT)? Let the dead bury their own dead.

The petista Left led us to Bolsonaro. All of their post-democratization political efforts led us to this very moment. We could say, with no fear of being wrong, that the objective conditions for Bolsonaro’s victory were built by the Worker’s Party consolidation as a hegemonic centre for popular struggles and by their electoral victories in the last four elections.

The petistas implemented and intensified the very macroeconomic policies of their PSDB (Social-Democratic Brazilian Party) predecessors, thus embracing a banking cartel and a project that basically deindustrialized Brazil and thus aggravated Brazil’s dependence on the global production system. Brazil became a hostage to agribusiness and commodity exports, while its productive forces were parasitized and vampirized almost to complete exhaustion.

To the masses, the Worker’s Party sold the illusion of a consumerism that was both undesirable and unsustainable – considering the jamming of our productive capacities. Such affair of things lead the masses to a fantastic utopia: they believed they belonged to a “new middle class” just because they were now able to buy on credit and, of course, paying the highest interest rates in the world.

Education was privatized, Health became a commodity, public investments were strangled and the government bet on unqualified job expansion, promoting an economic bubble which, when it burst, sank the whole country.

Under the Worker’s Party successive administrations the Brazilian people became even poorer, more subject to exploitation, ever more distant from its final independence. To keep its supremacy on the popular realm, the Worker’s Party demobilized the unions and placed their own stooges on every other tools the working class had at its disposal. Furthermore, the public security crisis and State’s indifference, on city, state and federal levels, led to a huge popular outrage – the worker, after all, pressured between robbers and drug dealers, is the main victim of urban violence – specially on the periphery and ghettos. Finally, the Worker’s Party joined a corruption scheme that fed big businessmen and allowed money laundering by organized crime and religious (neopentecostal) businesses.

Having nothing to offer Brazil, besides more efficient tools for the exploitation of our resources and our workforce by the national and international finance system, the Worker’s Party supported itself politically by trying to impose upon the whole of our population the dogmas of that cosmopolitan secular religion which is based on foreign mores and basically insults our people’s religiosity. It did so by financing pro-abortion movements and a radical feminist and LGBT militancy whose ideal society is absolutely alien to Brazilian cultural background and heritage.

To the economic exploitation of the people, the Worker’s Party and the liberal left that it represents added an ethic-behavioural oppression, pushing a post-modern identity agenda on Brazilians – even though such agenda collides with popular traditions.

In a general way, the progressive left claims to defend the masses, but hates everything the people believes in: its faith, its culture, its values. How could the liberal left be taken seriously then when they claim that crack users in “Crackolandia” (Sao Paulo city) aren’t being enslaved by addiction (an addiction which is exploited by drug dealers), but are, instead, just people exercising their freedom of choice? How could the liberal left be taken seriously when they defend the legalization of prostitution and all drugs?

The liberal left failed because it represents no one but the bankers and a middle class that sees itself as Western, rather than Brazilian. The Worker’s Party administrations, with all their betrayals, with all their contradictions, with all their compromises, and even their supposed successes, prepared the country for this very moment. By attempting to turn Brazil into a travesty of California, the Worker’s Party created its on enemy, who, in his turn, offered us Miami and Texas.

And they were warned. We’ve been saying for years that leftist progressive liberalism would throw us at the feet of the most reactionary and neoliberal neocon Right possible. We tried at every moment, since New Resistance – Brazil was founded, almost 4 years ago, to bring the Left to supporting the traditional moral values of Brazilian folk. We tried this because we knew that Brazil could only be saved by the alliance between social justice and moral conservatism. And at every step of the way we were criticized and attacked for it, even by that small part of the left that criticizes the “excesses” of the liberal left.

Paths of Reconstruction

What is to be done then? It’s necessary to build and cement a patriotic and populist camp – something that represents the real Deep Brazil and its values: public security and self-defense rights and the defense of the family against cosmopolitan liberalism as well as the defense of workers and the poorest against globalist capitalism and usury. A patriotic, conservative and labourist path, which bases itself on Christian social thought, on the Social Doctrine of the Church, on Distributism, and on the nationalism of men like Eneas Carneiro (right wing) and Leonel Brizola (left wing). A fourth path beyond liberalism, communism and fascism.

Those who really love the nation, also love its people. Nationalism without the defense of the people is just empty talk. And so is socialism without national sovereignty.

New Resistance – Brazil is working to build this path and we therefore call on left and right nationalists, serious conservatives, patriots, labourists and traditionalists to form such patriotic congregation. The differences amongst us are not so important. Let us only be concerned about one thing: to keep standing!